The hand that rocks the cradle, can change the world

Meera Sansthan has been an organization which took the root cause of every issue to the forefront of their efforts. A mere lecture on empowerment of women would not do any good till such time that the social set up is made conducive for such development and the mind- set of the beneficiary is made progressive. These are the ideologies of Meera Sansthan. What makes this organization an exemplary institution is the fact that they have taken up every village as a school and taught subjects like health, education, safety, hygiene in a comprehensive manner and at the same time created the necessary infrastructure.

Mrs. Asha Bothra– Founder of this exemplary social work organization Meera Sansthan is a woman of substance, who took a plunge from ordinary to extraordinary by giving the women of Rajasthan a pedestal along-side the male fraternity. Getting married at an early age made her experience the male dominance and allied social stigmas, this instigated in her the desire to move ahead and empower the likes of her to attain freedom and self-reliance. It was then that she established her dream in form of Meera Sansthan – the harbinger of good health and social equality to the women of western Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district.

Breaking the staunch social stigmas of Women being the second citizens and the segregation of Women’s and Men’s fields of work has been a focus area of work by Meera Sansthan. This organization through a clear and strong vision and mission brought a revolutionary change in the way women grievances were treated. The setting up of Women and Adolescent Counselling Centres at police stations was a great step in this direction. Under strong leadership of eager social workers, the Sansthan has been successfully breaking Women free from the unnecessary and illogical myths of religion. The Women of Rajasthan are becoming freer from the clutches of their own mental blocks of being less than their male counterparts.

The journey was not easy, the male constituency often created troubles and the female sect remained silent at the most crucial times. But the leader with her team led from the front, educating and bringing about a sea change in the outlook of individuals. Women upliftment and fighting for their cause is a common motto for NGO’s but what makes Meera Sansthan different is their endeavor to link their empowerment with technology. Making Women aware and versant with modern technology has not only helped in their modernization but also lifted their own image in their eyes. The serenity of the water of the well has today taken the form of torrid current of the sea, with newer and advanced methodologies being devised to bring women and children in the fore-front of the society.

By using every penny of its resources, this organization has been working day and to bring justice, empowerment, social equality to the unprivileged women, who have been neglected for long. This organization and its founder have not only made women proud but also given the society a clear view of how change can be brought about by a single person’s persistent efforts.