Santa All the Way

Helping Destitute Patients

The practise of philanthropy and giving to seek joy gets a new high around this time of the year. Christmas is undoubtedly one occasion which fills the kids around the globe with hope and happiness. Finally, their wishes will be true and they will be getting what they had always yearned for.

What makes Christmas a joy giver and what makes people wait for this occasion is the reindeer riding, pot-bellied cute looking man clad in red whom we dearly call the Santa Clause.As adulthood surpasses the innocence of childhood,reality sinks in that the fantasy called Santa visiting us was actually a way of our near and dear ones to make us feel special and loved.

What if we have such Santa’s who care for others as they do for their own families? who would be selflessly working for the needy realizing the true meaning of life. Won’t life be a beautiful pathway where every climber is being supported by a strong and rooted tree. Mr. Jaisingh Sethia is one such man, giving social service a new dimension. When most of the people are busy ploughing back the profits from business, he stands distinctly apart spending a majority of his earnings to help the needy and poor. Thirty-Five years back this man made a humble professional beginning in the town of Jaipur and since then his soulful and heart driven devotion towards the masses has made him reach the helm of his trade.

His initiatives are not directed towards a particular sect, class or community. He works in all arenas from providing self-sustenance, medical assistance to the not so privileged and generating employment opportunities for the jobless. Whether it be getting food packages made every day for all the destitute patients and their families, who flock to the SMS Hospital of Jaipur to get treated or providing sewing machines and hand driven rickshaws on almost fortnightly bases to all those who have the ability but lack the means to support their families. This employment generation creates a long term solution for the problem of poverty and is a great step towards breaking the vicious circle.

Stuffing his car every winter with woollens to be distributed at night time to the homeless people shivering and shuddering in the cold wave and creating cold water facilities for passer-by’s when the mercury breaks the 50-degree record, this man has actually adopted the city. Bearing the educational expenses of deserving children and encouraging vocational training of those who are not very academically oriented shows that his efforts are not mindless of the effect they should be creating.

Practicing the principal of minimalistic indulgence in things we consider chic and classy, Mr Sethia says no amount of materialistic pleasures can make you happy for a long term as the desires are never ending. He rightfully quips that “The Best feeling of HAPPINESS is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.”

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