Providing Easy Accessibility – Sugam


“A dream is a dream till it is not worked upon and it is true that Great dreams of Dreamers are always Transcended “

The joy of giving and seeing it bear fruits in form of renewed health and positivity in lives of thousands who are troubled with the disease inflicted environment, is what the brother duo Vivek Chand Bothra and Siddharth Chand Bothra dreamt of and achieved in form of SUGAM-An initiative to provide all medical facilities at negligible prices. The aim behind such minimal pricing when the entire process could go without any charge, is well explained in the fact that whatever comes for free is never valued.

I was experiencing great discomfort and bodily malfunctions and when I got myself tested I was declared positive for HIV Aids. What was worse that as I am a taxi driver I did not have the means to get all the expensive testing’s and medical consultation which followed. Sugam came as a saviour for me, I got to show to a doctor and got all my testing’s and subsequent medications done at highly subsidized prices – ‘Ramesh Chandra- Taxi Driver’

Both the founders hail from a business family and had the dream of creating a change from the very on-set of their careers. Carrying the mission and vision of their forefathers on their able shoulders, they worked vehemently to create the entire set-up and get the ball rolling. The outcome was a centre for the betterment of people, where the public could get themselves tested with best of the laboratories at minimum possible costs.

I was quite perturbed to see the majority of the lower and upper middle class families going topsy-turvy at the slightest fall in health. The pathology industry was making a fortune at the cost of the poor man’s ill-health. When we talk of creating joy’s in life of people or working for their betterment, what can be better than saving their hard earned money and giving them an opportunity to invest this money in their family dreams. This is what is the main ideology of the founders of SUGAM and is their guiding light and this is what we are committed towards – “Binesh Chand Bothra”- (Mentor)

Very innovatively charted out, the founders also conduct week long camp every month where the interested people can get medical facilitation in different arenas and show to doctors pertaining to different genres.

In an environment where diseases are as rampant as the oxygen flowing in the air,SUGAM provides a ray of hope to people who have been the victims of commercialization of health industry. This initiative is surely a guiding light for many who want to create a difference in the society and make the world a better place for all.

“Harbingers of change can be multifaceted,
Implementation is what matters”