Moving from Darkness to Light

School Management Development Committee

Adhering to the call of society when you are treading the path of success professionally is a very difficult task, but those who do so make a distinct mark for themselves. “Nikita Ketkar” is one such name who carved out a distinctive destiny for herself by giving up her prestigious administrative position to uplift and improvise the quality of teaching at various night schools through her initiative called “Masoom”.

In our country where a staggering number of youth pursue education in night schools, it is quintessential that the quality of education, infrastructures, extra- curricular and skill formation activities are at their helm. But contrary to this the night schools in India suffer a great deal from administrative and infrastructural discrepancies. Nikita in her professional capacity came across this fact and realized that a change in night schools teaching techniques can educate a massive number of uneducated youth and make them better learners and earners.

Nikita with her Masoom dream brings to the life the famous quote by Albert Einstein: “I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”

In the quest to provide a support system, infrastructural and educational inputs and capacity enhancement Nikita took up the Masoom initiative in the year 2008. Affecting positively, more than 14000 direct beneficiaries and moving from 2 to 60 schools this NGO has focused on a much neglected arena of the education sector. Masoom does not just stop at providing structural assistance but also takes up the case of curriculum designing and policy changes. Curriculums are created in a manner so as to increase the career opportunities for those studying at the night schools.

By identifying a crucial link to a better society which is rightfully educated and skilled, Nikita has done a commendable job. Masoom undoubtedly has kindled in the youth, who are bread earners of the house, a hope to have a better future for themselves and their families.