Hunger Heroes

Adopting village eradicating hunger

Life is unfair for the majority of the population in our country who are staying in dingy streets not getting even a morsel to eat in the whole day, when we a privileged lot are throwing unfinished food in garbage bins.

World hunger is getting so ridiculous that there is more fruit in the shampoo of rich than the plate of poor.

India is a country of stark differences where riches are in abundance, yet 1/3 of undernourished and hunger stricken population of the world stays here. Working in the direction of empowerment and education does not make any relevance till such time thesestarved bodies do not get the needed nourishment. It is impossible to build a prospering economy and a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery.

Mr Manoj Mishra one of the hunger hero’s who realized the magnitude of the issue when he once saw a kid on the railway station picking a glass of unfinished tea from the dustbin and drinking it. He says that the satisfaction on the child’s face after getting the few drops of the drink made him realize the intensity of hunger among the children and youth of the country. This and a few more incidences which life kept unfolding in front of him made him come up with Roti Bank – a bank which collects unusedfood from houses and distributes it among the deprived.

A good step howsoever small or big is a movement towards a better tomorrow. When Mr. Manoj Mishra set the first roti bank in Jamshedpur, he did not know that people would flock to volunteer for food collection. Once the families came to know that now they could also be a part of social giving by donating left over food they happily joined in. The movement became big, ultimately benefitting thousands of people on the streets and nearby villages.

Initially we would go door to door, collect food, pack it up and set out on roads, localities finding the famished and feed them. Slowly people started coming to our centre to give food and clothing and the needy also started approaching. We have now employed women to cook, fulfilling the gap between supply and demand. The joy of giving is engulfing all – Manoj Mishra

Roti Bank

Adopting villages and providing them with basic amenities, food and educationis what Roti bank and its team is doing as a second level strategy to build a better country, where no one sleeps hungry. One man’s mission has bought gleam to the faces of thousands of people, showing many others a way to help and share their privileges. Fighting vehemently for other social issues concerning women and girl child, Roti Bank follows its core objective of catering to the malnourished very seriously, believing that:
“Hunger is certainly not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice”