He and She

We live in a society where stereotyping of men and women is a common phenomenon. Often we see a clear segregation of role play for girls and boys and this difference is vehemently guarded and protected by the custodians of the society.

“Arushi Mittal and Aditya Gupta” the young IITians from Delhi experienced the dilemma themselves, feeling the pressure of being a particular way because they belonged to a particular sex. It was then that these young minds got deep inside this matter which is the root cause of all gender crimes. Arushi and Aditya gave wings to their idea with the establishment of “People for Parity”. It was from this pedestal that their fruitful journey of change began.

Both of them faced immense pressure from family and society since they left a lucrative career choice for a journey which seemed devoid of any personnel interest. People did not understand that this endeavor would open them up to a plethora of feelings and their own clogged up pain and personal traumas would get healed. Their efforts involve deep divulgence into the gender sensitivity issue- which entails a change of mind-set among youth, so that they can be more inclusive of the other sex in all arenas.

Shifting of the discriminatory thought process and promoting gender equality so as to develop a society with peaceful coexistence is the organizational aim of People for Parity.

Promoting with full fervor the ideology that soul has no gender and making people believe that violence and discrimination are caused just because of age old mind frames and gender norms, which have no concrete justification.

These young voices of change are equipping the future of our country with acceptance for the other sex and are making them realize that the disparities and role plays are creations of men. Converting the youth of the country into social actors, or gender crusaders who work in their own families and communities to promote gender equality is the biggest success of this organization.

Keeping in mind the need to nurture the roots to see the rise of beautiful flowers, Arushi and Aditya are meticulously undertaking workshops, street shows and many such interactions to create the needed social change. Their work of shifting the dialogue from one of competition between men and women to co-existence and sensitivity shall lead to a world of reduced crimes and peaceful space for everyone.

This issue is quiet sensitive and requires a lot of convincing and constructive efforts. Gender issues cut across borders making almost every one vulnerable, the effort to demolish the boundaries is the best way to build a society free of boundaries. This duo which is carrying the light of change confidently is worthy of appreciation, firmly believing and working on the thought

You can’t State Differences
And Also State Equality
We Have To State Sameness
To understand Equality