Dream on Wheels

There can seldom be a sight more fulfilling than to:

See a set of Sparkling eyes- envisaging a bright future,

Little creative hands- nurturing a dream and

Underprivileged individuals vesting hopes of accomplishment in their offspring’s.

Mukti Gupta– is the name which has been the harbinger of this hope amongst many kids who were vary of the beauty of life and the power of education. This young lady found that her inner peace lay in working for the society, particularly the underprivileged children who were mostly overworked, exploited and were devoid of even basic education. When most of us feel like partying with friends and family, Mukti took out time at evenings to teach the underprivileged children in the society, taking her first step into the field of change at a naïve age of 12.

The formation of Help Us Help Them in 2001 was the solidification of her dream, to give to kids a holistic environment where they could nurture their inner feelings and explore the world of academic and co-curricular activities. The creation of this ngo by Mukti brought with itself two dream projects the first one being the Rural School at Mallikpur,South 24 Parganas in West Bengal and the other one being an initiative which was a well-conceived thought of taking the school to the kids who could not come to the school-“The School on Wheels”.

Both the projects had twin objectives of generating confidence and hope in kids and providing them the ability to carve out a future for themselves thus targeting the roots of the vicious cycle of poverty. These schools not only give to the underprivileged street urchins and kids of families below poverty line an opportunity to explore the vivid world of books and study but also provide to them a platform to skilfully develop their other interests like swimming, sports, art and craft. The foundation believes that a healthy body is a must for a happy and vigilant mind and hence they make sure that the students attending their school are provided with nutritious meals. The inclusion of meditation, storytelling sessions and timely assessments of the progress of kids has fostered the growth and overall development of the children.

The picture looks rosy and happy but the team of Help Us Help Them had to face strict resistance from parents who felt earning and making money was more important. But the spirited team had a vision and would do just anything to accomplish it. They worked harder and harder and now have a staggering number of children attending the school. The rural roots have been nurtured quite effectively with the importance of knowledge and education by Mukti and her team.

Students who are being chiseled through the artistic hands of teachers at Help Us Help Them have had a number of accolades to their credit, which includes- selection at various district and state level swimming gala’s, feats in computer technology and vocational sciences and completion of secondary and higher secondary with flying colours.

This step has undoubtedly started the process of change and has brought a new leash of life for kids who felt that working in factories and begging would be the only way their lives would unfold. Now they can also aim to be a teacher, doctor or a social worker and these thoughts are no more just a dream.

The efforts of Help Us Help Them and their brain Mukti Gupta can be effectively summed up in these lines:

“The Greatest Good You Can Do To a Person Is Not Just Share Your Riches,
But To Reveal To Them Their Own.”