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Providing Child Homes for the exploited ones

Evolving from a seed to a tree which gives shade to many, Anuradha Bhosale is definitely an exemplary woman, who has created an abode for homeless and has given motherly love to abandoned women and children. Born in Shrirampur, India Mrs Bhosale at a mere age of 6 years became a child labourer. This early encounter with the harsh realities which millions of children face made her a woman of steel, who would eventually create an environment for growth and development of many.

Mrs. Anuradha Bhosale who was working as a domestic help in the early years of her childhood, not only used those days to garner school education but made a firm resolution to bring about a positive change in the life’s of general masses. In her quest to work for larger good this lady worked her way from working with Verala Development Society providing housing for abandoned and widowed women, to becoming the sole employee of Avani, an organization working from migrant children.

“You cannot change your destiny overnight, but you can definitely change the direction” – Anuradha Bhosale

What makes Anuradha’s work stand out and her efforts different from others is the fact that she thought about others even though her own marriage was failing and she did not have any support system whether financial or physical. Her Women’s and Children’s right campaign which aims to empower women by teaching them how to deal with government laws and efforts to regularize and repatriate children who are vulnerable into the main stream society, are certain spheres which she has been working ardently on. Whether it be raising voice against laws which hamper the prospects of migrant children’s education or forcing the government to formulate law for free and compulsory education for children between the age of 6-14 years, she has been working on multifaceted dimensions.

Creation of the Avani Children’s Home for kids who are at the risk to be pushed into the dungeon of child labour, Arundhati has tried to counter the cause and effect of the problem arising out of child labour and has thus effectively broken the vicious circle. Avani Organization under her able hands works for prevention of Child Trafficking and child labour issues along with providing for safe accommodation, education and employment opportunities to the rescued and poor children.
The hurdles and hardship of life never deterred this lady and she became the saviour of many children and women who had lost all hope and happiness.



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