Cultivating Culture – Preserving Tradition

bringing a positive impact

A lot is said and done in the field of Child welfare and women upliftment, but to nurture a dream altogether different, came up an ngo Bharat Nirman. A child kindled under the efficient hands of Mr Ravindra Bhandari and Mrs Sanskriti Bhandari, Bharat Nirman has become a pedestal for bringing a positive impact on the quality of living which is significantly deteriorating in todays’ fast paced life.

Mr and Mrs Bhandari saw the Country as a lady in distress or as an orphaned child who was plundered and looted. This couple knew that for the coming generations to be sane, sensible and healthy it was important to make the cultural roots of the country stronger. This was possible by springing back to life the sciences of yoga, astrology. Pranic healing, meditation, herbal cures and spirituality. The idea was so fresh and new that it brought many accolades, but was also coupled with lots of inhibitions. Taking time out of his Chartered Accountancy practise Mr. Bhandari at a mere age of 30 would make efforts to organize campaigns, seminars and exhibitions making people aware of the significance of our ancient knowledge and practices. The efforts bore fruits in form of renewed growth of the long lost ideologies of Bharat- our Country.
bringing a positive impact
Bringing about a change is not easy, for Bharat Nirman also the identification of the lost sciences and their revival and interjection into our main stream living was a challenging task. But the meticulous efforts of the founders and their entire team made it possible. Kerala Ayurveda, which is amongst the most coveted treatments for almost all ailments today was kindled and grown from the small village of Kerala into the worldwide market by Bharat Nirman. The recent boom of Yoga as an art of revitalizing body and soul is the result of sincere efforts of the Bharat Nirman team since the early 1980’s. Yoga day which we celebrate nationwide today, is an idea which was floated by this organization. Living by their ideology of a holistic growth women entrepreneurs have also been facilitated and given the needed support by this organization time and again. To foster the growth of women in business, they have been conducting workshops and seminars wherein eminent business personalities teach them the trick of the trade.


Their efforts and this endeavours speak for themselves, with the world recognizing the Indian potential in healing, fitness, vocations and many such spheres. By making the world aware of the scientific base of India’s traditional practices- Bharat Nirman has carved a new future for the people practicing this art and have made these old arts the new way of living.

At times the going got tough- being a wife, mother of two and the only lady of the household, but seeing the smiles of people who get positivity and strength from practising the traditional arts and experiencing the growth of our lost sciences is the most precious gift Bharat Nirman has given to me.


Finding joy in others growth, acknowledgments and making continuous efforts to steer the idea of a positive change in the economic- social and cultural environment of the country , this organization and its foresighted founders have given the country a global standing. They have been trying relentlessly to make the traditions a trend, creating a perfect amalgamation of the modern education system and the ancient professions. They influence and enhance the world to be a part of the great Indian dream.
The out of box ideology and initiatives of this couple are thought provoking and make us proud to be an Indian.