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About Manbhari Anchalia

Manbhari Anchalia is a B.A. Hons. graduate from Kolkata. She is currently teaching at Vocaboom. In her brief stint as an educator in the evening school at Don Bosco Park Circus, she was moved by the plight of the underprivileged children. In her urge for social awareness for the downtrodden, she has transformed her thoughts into writing to arouse the society to their needs.
Gender Equality

Gender Bender

This organization and its members have also opposed efforts to criminalise marital rape in India, arguing that ‘No relationship will work if these laws are enforced’

Awareness for Empowerment

Awaken to the societies call

Their coherent efforts have helped in sensitisation of police personnel, government agencies and the media.

Environment and Saving of tress

Preserving and Conserving Nature’s Glory

Kalpavriksh firmly believes that every country has its unique ecosystems which need to be conserved through an interplay of local cultures, community empowerment, and government agencies.

Making the Mirage a Reality

Setting up ‘Khadins’- rainwater storage tanks and tankaas-water tanks which can store water between 18000 -20000 liters, sufficient for a family for 4-5 months.

Food for Thought and Life

Network of more than 2500 volunteers in more than 32 cities and have served more than 2,000,000 meals till date